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Sport Karate

Karate training encompasses many elements, one of which is sport.

Many practice sport Karate for use in competition, as a way to increase flexibility, reactions and timing,
in a semi-contact environment or just simply to add more variety to the already structured classes.

Whatever your motivation for training, sport Karate is very popular across both sexes and all ages.

We have annual association tournaments where members represent their respective clubs in individual, team & family events.

The tournament is a special event when family and friends get to cheer their club members on throughout the day!

There are always fantastic Trophies and Medals to be won for EVERY tournament event.

EVERY junior competitor receives their very own KSTSK Medal on the day.

Call 01992 309581 Text 07904 658462 or email: admin@karateincheshunt.co.uk

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