KSTSK Karate in Cheshunt
KSTSK Cheshunt

Kamaete Schools of Traditional Shotokan Karate

KSTSK - Cheshunt Shotokan Karate
KSTSK - 2005 to 2015


KSTSK provide premium standard tuition that is professional and progressive

Classes are taught to a consistent structure and format.

KSTSK promote a club atmosphere where the focus is on learning in a safe environment
whilst maintaining Karate discipline and etiquette.

Initial training is geared towards the grading for your first belt (blue).
The syllabus includes basic punches, blocks, strikes and kicks (Kihon),
pre-arranged sparring (Kumite) and a basic form (Kata).

The KSTSK Karate syllabus is structured such that progression is maintained throughout all grades.

Grading examinations are optional.

Introduction to the basic elements of self-protection are covered as well as
body exercises for fitness and overall conditioning.


KSTSK enrol children from the age of 6 upwards
We offer family discounts of 20%

Call or Text on 07904 658462 or email: admin@karateincheshunt.co.uk

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KSTSK - Cheshunt Shotokan Karate